Qualitative Research: Narrative approach in sciences

  • Vana Papakitsou
Keywords: research methodology, qualitative research, narrative approach, biography, life story, experience, social science


In recent years there has been increasing interest in qualitative research in international literature. In Greece, qualitative methods have attracted the attention of the academic community such as in the field of psychology and education as well as in the broader field of social sciences. Qualitative research focuses in understanding a research query as a humanistic or idealistic approach. Though quantitative approach is a more reliable method as it is based upon numeric and methods that can be made objectively and propagated by other researchers. Especially the use of biographical-narrative approach as a method derived from and developed through different disciplines. It has proven to be an excellent way of making theoretical sense of social phenomena. Biographical-narrative approach is important in many disciplines. This methodology comes from the humanities and social sciences and can follow a qualitative or quantitative approach. It is focused on the detailed stories or life experiences of a single event or a series of events for a small number of individuals. Narrative approach is a genre of analytic frames whereby researchers interpret stories that are told within the context of research and/or are shared in everyday life. The narrative analysis in the social sciences refers to a series of approaches, which have a common form.

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