Violence against women and unemployment through a multidisciplinary and critical approach

  • Konstantina Sklavou
  • Maria Valasaki
  • Konstantinos Pateras
  • Anastasios Mastroyiannakis
Keywords: violence, employment, multiple discriminations, unemployment, complex issue


In this paper we are going to briefly discuss on the issue of (un)employment in relation to women victims of domestic violence and or multiple discriminations. By analyzing data that are already published and concern 14.407 women who are recorded to the network for supporting women victims of domestic violence, we will critically examine the profile of abused women in relation to labor support that they have or have not received. Specifically, by discussing with the current bibliography, both from a psychological and sociological perspective, we conclude that (un)employment for abused women is a complex issue which pertains to cultural, political, psychological and social factors. Finally, we propose more qualitative research in order to investigate this crucial issue in depth and understand the complexity of employment in terms of women who have experienced the different dimensions of violence.

General article